Amsterdam School of the Arts

“Ultimately, it is arts educators who have a large role to play in helping children deal with the challenges of the digital world.”*

Remix Culture is an in-depth summer course for international professionals and students active in the fields of arts and media education. This intensive six-day course focuses on the interdisciplinary possibilities that audio-visual media offer for art and media education.

Media contents, techniques, knowledge sharing, means of expression and representation are constantly blended and remixed in our modern society. Remix Culture offers arts and media educators new contents and didactics inspired by the contemporary media practices of professional artists and media-savvy youngsters. The course will consist of formal lectures by inspiring experts, work and discussion seminars and field trips to contemporary art/media institutes in Amsterdam.



Snyder, I. & Bulfin, S. (2007). Digital literacy: what it means for arts education. In: Bresler, L. (ed.) International Handbook of Research in Arts Education. Springer, p. 1307.


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