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Curation has a distinguished history in cultural institutions. In galleries and museums, curators use judgment and a refined sense of style to select and arrange art to create a narrative, evoke a response, and communicate a message. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex the techniques and principles of museum curatorship can inform how we create online experiences–particularly when we approach content.”

Erin Scime – “Content Strategist as Digital Curator



Curation is a person or persons, engaged in the act of choosing and presenting things related to a specific topic and context.




  • Tools/apps





http://trailmeme.com/ /*’is a way to tell stories with web content’ visual understanding environment

http://storify.com/ /*’create stories using social media’


http://magnify.net/  /*’realtime video curation engine’

?? http://paper.li/

http://www.wozaik.com/bienvenue /*recommandé par pressecitron

-deprecated/pioneers : V.U.E.

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  • activists/zealots/


“Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch. http://lod-cloud.net/”



  • Context/intertext / metadata/hypertext ?

(what are you talking about those aren’t even hyperlinks ?)


http://www.pearltrees.com/#/N-fa=789415&N-u=1_9745&N-f=1_789415&N-s=1_789415&N-p=4897210&N-pw=1&N-play=1     /*url is so human web












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  • QUOTATIONS (guess who)

Variety is ambiguous but curation needs to be focused.

Google is forced to keep changing its algorithm in a bid to shakeout those that figured out how to game its system.

In the end this is all similar to the discussion about open data (as in data on the Web) and linked data (as in a technology for data webs). They are complementary, but each of them has its own and independent value proposition.


  • Themes

– war/arms race, influence

-technology, mécanique/mechanics

-activism (http://irevolution.net/)

-merchandising, marketing, revenue

-nature et culture, naturel et artificie-l, ai, ia, humain synthétique


-transmission (ascendance, descendance, hérédité), mémoire-s(histoire)

-documents, data, media, designs, formes,

>semantics, taxonomie, index, search, nomen, approx, auto-complete (saisie assistée), data, metadata


  • namemapping

Qui êtes-vous François Rocaboy ?

Je m’appelle François Rocaboy, j’ai 32 ans, je suis en charge de la communication, du marketing et de la marque et de la communauté Pearltrees CMO (chief Marketing Officer) et l’un des co-fondateurs de Pearltrees. http://www.ogilvy-pr.fr/2009/itw-francois-rocaboy-co-fondateur-de-pearltrees/



  • References/ambiance

Words and music by Brian May and Roger Taylor


It’s a machines world
Don’t tell me I ain’t got no soul
When the machines take over
It ain’t no place for rock and roll

They tell me I don’t care
But deep inside I’m just a man
They freeze me they burn me
They squeeze me they stress me
With smoke blackened pistons of steel they compress me
But no one but no one but no one can wrest me away
Back to humans

We have no disease no trouble of mind
No thank you or please no regard for the time
We never cry we never retreat
We have no conception of love or defeat

What’s that machine noise?
It’s bytes and megachips for tea
It’s that machine boys
With random access memory
Never worry never mind
Not for money not for gold

It’s software is hardware
It’s heartbeat is time-share
It’s midwife’s a disc drive
It’s sex life is quantised
It’s self-perpetuating a parahumanoidarianised

Back to humans
Back to humans

Back to machines

Living in a new world
Thinking in the past
Living in a new world
How you gonna last?
Machine world

Back to humans

It’s a machines world
Thinking in the past (back to humans)
Living in a new world
How you gonna last?
Machine world

It’s a machine’s world

Back to humans
Living in a new world
How you gonna last?
Machine world
It’s a machine’s world

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