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Myron Krueger

1969 – VIDEOPLACE by artist, Myron KruegerVideoplace is an early example of augmented reality art, done by an artist whose interests lay mostly in VR. The installation features computer projection that interacts with the viewer’s physical shadow. — jtnimoy Myron … Continue reading

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Art cCinétique

En 1955, Victor Vasarely   publie le Manifeste jaune qui théorise l’art optique et cinétique. (Győző Vásárhelyi) Marc Cavell Yaacov Agam David Ascalon Martha Boto Pol Bury Alexander Calder Ivan Contreras-Brunet Carlos Cruz-Diez Hugo Demarco Malachi Farrel Horacio Garcia Rossi Théo Jansen … Continue reading

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JEAN FRANCOIS NICERON LA PERSPECTIVE CURIEUSE La Perspective curieuse ou magie artificielle des effetts merveilleux de l’optique, de la catoptrique et de la dioptrique (Dans la quelle, outre un abregé et Méthode generale de la Perspective commune, reduite en pratique sur les … Continue reading

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Op Art – A twentieth century art movement and style in which artists sought to create an impression of movement on the picture surface by means of optical illusion. It is derived from, and is also known as Optical Art … Continue reading

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Lebbeus Woods

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Odili Donald Odita

Google images query : ————————————————————————- Donald Odili Odita interview by Princeton University Art Museum ————————————————————————————– —————————————————————- Born in Nigeria and raised in Ohio, Odili Donald Odita (b. 1966, Enugu, Nigeria; lives Philadelphia and New York) has been developing this … Continue reading

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