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Un système monosémique

C’est l’ensemble des règles d’un système graphique de signes pour la transmission d’une information. Jacques Bertin La sémiologie graphique est une discipline qui s’occupe : de la transcription, dans le système graphique d’un signe, d’un ensemble de données ; du traitement de … Continue reading

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a key ingredient of intelligent systems

The cognitive mechanisms that are currently implemented in robotic systems focus mainly on the spatial aspects of the world, resulting in artificial agents which are “stuck in time” (a phrase borrowed from Roberts, 2002). Temporal cognition: a key ingredient of intelligent … Continue reading

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Neurosciences approaches time : David Eagleman

THE NEW YORKER profiles THE POSSIBILIAN What a brush with death taught David Eagleman about the mysteries of time and the brain. by Burkhard Bilger APRIL 25, 2011 “Time is this rubbery thing,” Eagleman said. The best example of that is … Continue reading

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