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Expertise-induced amnesia

Expertise-induced amnesia Sidney Crosby in Vancouver, playing for Team Canada This phenomenon is based on the assumption that reducing or diverting the amount of attention paid to material being encoded and stored will reduce the quality and quantity of the later retrieval … Continue reading

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Impairments caused by head injury

Illustration by McKenzie Illustrations   National Institutes of Health  Traumatic Brain Injury  Rehabilitation Consensus Statement, October 1998.

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Receptive Field

… large-scale integration effects are thought to be generally involved in the generation of stable visual percepts. A famous example of this kind is the aperture problem (Hildreth and Koch, 1987 ; Wallach, 1935 ). The area where a neuron in the visual system can … Continue reading

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Gilles Deleuze – Abécédaire – Lettre Z – comme zig-zag

ABCDAIRE DE GILLES DELEUZE – lettre Z par suhjung zigzag : “…c’est ptêt’ le mouvement élémentaire, c’est ptêt’ le mouvement qui a présidé à la création du monde…” Gilles Deleuze

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